Secret Recipe – CheeseCakes

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Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe has cheesecake, cheesecake and more cheesecakes.  They have outlets at Holland Grove Road, Plaza Singapura, East Coast, Suntec City, Vivo City, etc. (check their website for more details).

I like their cheesecake for not having that heavy cheese taste (unlike some places which I shall not name). It’s light and yet cheesy enough so that I can take 2 slices at any one time.  A slice of cheesecake will cost you around S$5 per slice and a whole cake goes for S$45.

Personally, I only ate once at a Secret Recipe at Marina Square here.  I always get my fix in the City Square (City Square, MB-02, Level B1, JB City Square, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, Johor Bahru, tel: 07-2248110, Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily) coz it’ll cost me RM5.50 per slice there. Instant 50% discount. 😛

Oh, did I mention that you must try their chicken cornish (RM6.80) too? The spicy one tastes a bit like our curry puff but with more chicken bits. To fill yourself up, you can have a chicken cornish and a slice of cheesecake for a grand price of RM12.30 (excluding taxes and service charges)!

Secret Recipe is well known for their cheesecake and cakes, which means you should never try their main courses, e.g. western food or something. I did try once and well, I’ll stick to their cheesecake. 

Their cake order policy and practices are as follows:

  1. Orders can be made through phone-in, walk-in and self-collect.

  2. They deliver cake orders worth $200 and above, and there is a delivery charge of $20.

  3. You may choose to order On-Line through our website. Please visit for further information on their products and assistance from their Outlet-In-Charge.

  4. All advance order lead time is 4 days (normal)  and 5 days (online) inclusive of weekends and public holidays.

  5. Delivery of cakes shall be confined to main-island Singapore only.

  6. Mode of payment: By Cash, Nets, Credit Cards, and On-Line (E-Nets).

  7. SR shall deliver cake orders as in whole and uncut cake only.

  8. For cake sizes 1.5 Recipe (3 – 4 kg) or $75 and above, the outlet manager may require some amount of deposit whereas through On-Line Order (OLorders) payment shall be made in full by credit cards through the ENETS system. However, you need to log into the registration field.

  9. Cake writings, candles and its decoration is F.O.C!

  10. For icing picture cakes, please email your photo to this emails: or and they will then forward the details to their factory.  

One response to “Secret Recipe – CheeseCakes

  1. Hhmmm … that sounds ALOT like a place we have here in the states called The Cheesecake Factory Restaurant. It’s not just about cheesecake, they serve fine dinner foods too which makes the whole experience one worth having.

    Thanks for sharing about your Secret Recipe place.

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