Nasi Padang River Valley

Nasi Padang River Valley Nasi Padang Dishes
Nasi Padang River Valley
55 Zion Road
Tel: 6734 3383
Opening Hours: 9am to 9pm; closed on public holidays

This is THE place to go for if you want good nasi padang. Sure there are dozens of good nasi padang stall but this is the one I love to go to. 😀

Prices are not cheap at this stall but they do have a huge variety of food where you can choose.  Do try the beef rendang which is really tender.

2 responses to “Nasi Padang River Valley

  1. Their food standard has drop drastically. My wife and I ate there in Nov 2010 and their signature dishes were very disappointing. Eat at your own palate risk…

  2. …the beef in the beef rendang was hard and the rendang salty…that is the last time I’ll patronise the shop.

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