Jane’s Cake Station

Jane’s Cake Station Durian Cake From Jane’s Jane’s Mango Cake Jane’s Chocolate Fudge Cake
Jane’s Cake Station
265 Jalan Kayu
Tel: 6481 1322
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 12pm-6.00pm,
Sun & Public Holidays 12pm-4pm
Closed on Wednesday

Their durian cake is to die for! Cost for 1kg durian cake is S$36.  Heard her chocolate cake is also good but I’ve always gone for durian.  Chocolate cake will set you back for S$28 for 1kg.

Do call at least 1 day in advance to book the cakes before collecting.

11 responses to “Jane’s Cake Station

  1. Hi Jane,

    Saw you on TV tis morning. Learn about your durian and chocolate cake through what your satisfied customers had to say about your yummy cakes.

    My family and friends love both durian and chocolate cakes lots! So, am glad to come know about your cake station. Hee hee…

    The TV program gave your address but not your contact number. Am glad i manage to find you thru the internet.

    A friend’s birthday is here soon. Will call and order my first cake from you shortly.

    Believe we will fall in love with your cakes too.

    Pat Ong

  2. hi,

    i read your website when i search yahoo about cakes. i want to enquire if do u sell tiramisu birthday cake? pls reply asap. thank u.

  3. Hi Esther

    In case you’re mistaken, this is not Jane’s Cake station’s email. But nonetheless, I am able to answer your question.

    Jane’s Cake Station only specialises in 2 cakes – durian and chocolate.

    I used to know someone who baked and delivers fantastic Tiramisu cakes but unfortunately, it’s closed now.

    You can try Cedele Depot’s tiramisu cake if you want. Haven’t tried it personally so I have no idea what it tastes like. Cheers!

  4. what bus can reach jane’s cake station? reply me asap 😀

  5. Hi Terine

    Bus no. 86 from Ang Mo Kio interchange and bus no. 103 from Serangoon interchange go to Jalan Kayu.

  6. oohh i can’t wait to go thr myself… do they sell i by slices?

  7. it*

    i’m so craving for something sweett.. mmmm.

  8. Hi Ashlove

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Unfortunately, this cake shop knows that its durian cake is so good that 1 piece is never enough that they only sell the whole cakes, and not by the slices. 🙂

  9. Hi,

    Do you know if Jane’s Cake Station does delivery? And how much do they charge if I order a 1kg Durian Cake and request to deliver to CBD area on a weekday during office hours?

  10. Hey Jane’s Cake Station fans,
    I managed to get them on the phone just now. And yes! They do delivery. Delivery charge is min. S$25 and the actual charge depends on the location.

    Please contact Jane’s Cake Station directly for more information.

  11. Hi there,
    will I be pushing my luck if I ask you which bus stop to align? heehee….

    Nevertheless, the information on the blog has been very helpful. Thanks =D

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