Ah Kow Mushroom Mince Pork Noodles

Minced Pork Noodles Ah Kow
Ah Kow Mushroom Mince Pork Noodles
#02-43 Hong Lim Food Centre
Opening Hours: 9am to 6pm daily; closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

Another one of my fav all-time dishes would be the minced pork noodles.  I used to be one of those who queue at the famous minced pork noodles at Marina Square (they’ve moved already) for at least 45 mins just to get a taste of my fav dish.

 Now I managed to find this stall near my office with a shorter queue.  Depending on the time you arrive at the stall, sometimes you wait for only 10 mins, and sometimes you wait for 30 mins.  It’s worth the wait (as all good food are).  A normal bowl of noodles will cost you S$3 laden with minced pork, sliced pork and 2 wanton plus noodles of coz.  The vinegar is not of the overpowering sort and the chilli is not that spicy.  If you want it spicier, you can always add either the red cut chillies or chilli paste (which they are famous for); both of which are prominently displayed outside the stall.  Of coz, the usual bottle of vinegar awaits for me…. 😛

 They also have a big bowl of crispy pork lard outside the stall where you can add as much as you like or avoid it totally.  The crispy pork lard is really fresh and crunchy, not like some  pork lard i’ve tasted where the oil oozes out and it becomes very yucky!

Update on 24 Mar 2009:

I last visited them on Saturday (21 March 2009).  Now the noodles cost S$3.50 minimum (no reduction in the portion).  But they diluted the vinegar a lot, so the taste is somewhat different from what it used to be.  Otherwise, eveything else remains the same.


One response to “Ah Kow Mushroom Mince Pork Noodles

  1. Price of the noodles has gone up since 7 April 2008. A bowl now costs minimum S$3.50; only consolation is that they give you an extra dumpling.

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