Tiramisu Cake Tiramisu
PSA Building PO Box 465
Singapore 911146
Tel: 6726 7297
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat, 9am to 6pm
Website: http://tiramisutra.com/mainpage5.html
Email: orders@tiramisutra.com
Note: Tiramisutra will be closed from 23 December 2007 until indefinitely.

I ordered a tiramisu cake from them for a friend’s birthday and I heard rave reviews about the cake.  Unfortunately, they finished the cake before I could even taste it. 

I placed the order through email and response was fast and friendly.  They delivered the cake on time and there was even a gift card to say whom the cake was from.  Best of all, delivey was free of charge!!! However, my only gripe is that I informed them that it was a birthday cake but they didn’t give any birthday candles with the cake (duh!).  Still, I will continue to order from them again but will take note to have some birthday candles on hand.

You can order their tiramisu cakes, which also come in dessert form, add a stuff toy to the cake/dessert, flowers or even chocolates if you want to. 

The company offers three types of tiramisu and you can choose to get happy on a variety of liqueurs. There is regular tiramisu made with a choice of kahlua, Irish Bailey’s cream or tia maria (from $32 for 650g); chocomisu made with chocolate liquor and Cluizel chocolate from France (from $34 for 650g); and berrymisu made with mixed berries and soaked in rum and brandy (from $34 for 780g).


4 responses to “Tiramisutra

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  2. but why are they closed ?? so sad… the cakes are so yummy

  3. Hi Shani

    I have no idea why they closed too! But they closed even before I had a chance to taste their tiramisu cakes! Two of my friends were lucky to get a taste coz I sent the cakes to them and the review was great! Such a waste!

    Let’s hope that they open again soon! 😀

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