Lor Mee @ Bukit Purmei

Lor Mee @ Bukit Purmei

Lor Mee

Blk 109 Bukit Purmei Road

Opening Hours: 7am – 3.30pm, off on Monday

I was originally a big lor mee fan of the stall at Amoy Street Market Food Centre but a taste of it a few months back made me swear it off.  Standard has dropped terribly!

Fortunately, I had a back-up lor mee stall and this one is located at a coffeeshop in Bukit Purmei.  Try to go early or else be prepared to wait at least 30 minutes before you get your lor mee (it’s self service).

This lor mee is loaded with noodles and ingredients for only S$2.50 a bowl! The lor mee sauce is dark and a bit starchy but it tastes delicious.  If you’re the kind like me that must have tons of vinegar on the lor mee, this stall leaves a bottle outside their stall for you to lavish it on your noodles.  They also have 2 kinds of chilli – the cut red ones and the chilli paste.  Personally, I always go for the cut chilli since I can’t take too spicy food.


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