Awfully Chocolate – Cakes and Ice Creams To Die For

Cake Wrapping Awfully Chocolate Cake
Awfully Chocolate

They have 4 stores in Singapore (check their website for details) but so far, I’ve never patronized personally at their stores. I’ve sampled their cakes and ice cream by asking them to deliver to a convenient location.

Know of somebody’s birthday or simply want to try their ice cream? Simply call and they’ll deliver.  There will be a delivery charge of S$10.70 and for cake orders 8” cakes and above, at least 3 days’ notice is required.  For ice cream delivery, the single scoop requires a minimum order of 20 scoops and double scoops require a minimum order of 15 scoops.

The chocolate for both cakes & ice cream are of the very dark & rich kind, so the price you pay for is really worth it.  Don’t let the plain looking chocolate cake fool you… you’ll want a 2nd piece when you sink your teeth for the first bite of this cake.

Update on 21 Jan 2008:

I ordered their chocolate rum and cherry cake for a friend’s birthday recently and I must say I was a bit disappointed with the taste.  I first tasted their All Chocolate cake and I was floored by the bitterness of the chocolate (this means it’s good chocolate).  Unfortunately, I did not taste that in their rum and cherry cake.  You can also hardly taste the rum in the cake.

A better choice would be their hei ice cream which I have tasted quite recently too.  It’s premium dark chocolate ice cream, and yes, you do taste the bitterness of the chocolate but it’s not too bitter that the taste puts you off.  Thumbs up for their ice cream!


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