The Sweet Stone Parad’ice

Sweet Stone Parad’ice Liege Waffles Chocolate Fondue
The Sweet Stone Parad’ice 
#01-67 and #01-76
Golden Mile Food Centre
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 6pm, Mon & Wed; 11.30am to 9pm every other days

Offers home-made Liege Waffles (Authentic Belgian Waffles; S$1.80 each), ice cream (gelato @ S$1.80 a scoop), claypot chocolate fondue (with marshmallow & waffles) @ S$9.80 and royal claypot fondue (with waffles & fresh fruits; S$14.80 for 2 persons).

Note: This review was extracted from an article in the Business Times dated 26-27 May 2007.
Post-Makan Note:

It was with high hopes of good tasting desserts that I went to have my waffle and ice cream at the Sweet Stone Parad’ice on 18 March 2008.

I ordered the Set A (1 Belgian waffle with chocolate dip) (S$2.50) and the peppermint gelato (S$1.80 for about 1.5 scoop).

First reaction when I saw the size of the waffle was wah! so small!  It’s hardly more than 7cm in length and maybe 4cm in height (I didn’t bring a measuring tape so I can only estimate the size).  They heat up the pre-cooked waffle and cut it into small bite-size pieces for me and gave me a small bowl of Belgian chocolate dip.  The waffle was a bit crispy on the outside but some bits of it got stuck in my mouth as in the waffle wasn’t very cooked.  Probably this was due to the thickness of the waffle.  Nothing about the waffle got me very excited about it.

Now the chocolate dip is a different story.  It was thick and gooey and the chocolate taste was hmm…. not too bitter and not too sweet.  Would have preferred it to be more bitter but I guess most people will not like it.  Paying S$2.50 for the chocolate dip would have been worth it.  The chocolate dip tastes a lot like the one they use in Häagen-Dazs’ fondue.

The peppermint gelato also disappointed me.  It first caught my eye because it was whitish in color (not the usual green peppermint ice cream) and it had a layer of chocolate dusted on top of it.  I could even taste the ice crystals in the gelato and it has only a bare hint of peppermint.  No, I couldn’t taste the chocolate layer in the gelato either.  What I did was instead to put some of the chocolate dip into the gelato.

Overall, I would give the service an excellent thumbs up but the dessert could do better.


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