Buono Pizza Bar & Ristorante

Buono Pizza Bar & Ristorante
27 Lichfield Road
Tel: 6733 5646
Website: http://www.buonopizzabar.com/

Pizzas are of the delicate, thin crust variety – go for the house special Buono (S$20), which boasts a creamy sauce mixed with home made sausages and mozzarella cheese topped with arugula.  A S$10 seafood soup is generous with clams, prawns and mussels, and made on the spot for that fresh clean flavour.

The swordfish carpaccio (S$15) is overly sour but an interesting take on ceviche – a large portino of fish is arranged in a timbale with chopped avocado to temper the sourness.  Lamb chops with gorgonzola sauce (S$27) are unusual but very good.  The food has a uniqueness about it that you won’t find in other Italian eateries.

Note: This review was extracted from the Business Times dated 26-27 May 2007.

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